Death of a Father

Alex, who grew up in France, is the son of a red haired English businessman and his French au pair Fleur.  When Alex receives a letter that his father has died in London, a series of unexpected and unstoppable events starts to unroll.

Not only does Alex find he has inherited a small flat in South East London, he encounters a group of people living in the flats nearby who have known his father in a variety of different circumstances and who consider him to be the worst kind of person they have ever met.  Day by day more details of his father’s wrong doing emerge.

But as Alex follows the trail of his father’s story, which he is now increasingly eager to uncover, he begins to see that perhaps it is not just his father who is behind the tragedies that have gone on.  Behind the scenes there is a more terrible force of evil that has been at work and is continuing to raise havoc.  Alex and his new friends set off in pursuit of this person exposing more and more of the story, until they finally find themselves face to face with the mastermind, who can no longer hide behind the cover ups that have ruined so many of the friends in the past.

But as they challenge the evil doing, they find that they will have to pay a huge price for the final confrontation with truth.

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