Love is not the Only Answer

She has given up all of her life’s comforts and privileges to migrate to a new country to come and work in London with people with schizophrenia.  In the revolutionary setting of a seventies’ therapeutic community where professional boundaries are no longer accepted as rules, she falls for the wild appeal and insistent courting of one of the residents.

She finds herself sucked into a vortex of attraction and desire and being a warm hearted and generous person gives her entire life over to the man who so desperately draws on her capacity for love and self sacrifice.

But as we enter into her story, we discover that, twenty years later, now long separated from her lover, she has just been informed that he has committed suicide.  She is more devastated by this news than she could ever imagine and sets out on a frantic hunt for the reasons behind this tragedy, neglecting her husband and young children in the process.  Her obsessive research will lead to revelation after revelation until eventually the full horror of her position will become obvious to her.

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