Wishing for Wisdom

Autobiographic novel about a prophetic dream that transformed my life just as my marriage was floundering, my son was becoming alienated from me and my business was being destroyed.  With so much failure abounding, it was astounding that I should dream of someone very wise who could and would save the world.  I wasn’t prone to pipe dreams or to night-dreams, prophetic or otherwise and I was doubtful of the genuineness of such prophecies.

As my life broke down entirely I ended up experimenting with counselling and psychotherapy to try and regain my sanity.  My sad adventures with these professions are documented in the novel and will ring bells with many others.  But the flow of the story and its driving force is that of my encounter with the wise person from my dream, in real life.

As my relationship to this mysterious person evolved and developed I learnt more about myself and the world around me than I had ever thought possible.  And as my illusions were shattered, my eyes were opened and I learnt about a different way of life that I had never known about before.

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